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You may be a great leader, but is anyone following?

I was in a leadership meeting a few days ago and was listening as one of the participants explained how he was a leader and how he leads others. I listened carefully. At the end of his long list of leadership abilities I said, “are they following?” He, and others, were a bit taken back by my question. It’s a fair question to ask any leader. You can lead all day long, but in the end is their anyone behind you? Leadership, leadership, leadership. It seems all I hear about is leadership, but that’s only half of the equation. Followership is the other equally important half of the equation. We all are followers, even if you are a leader you are a follower. If you don’t think you are, think again. If you can’t accept that you may have challenges in your leadership journey. In the book Leadership is Half the Story , Marc and Samantha Hurwitz compare leadership to Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in the movie Swing Time made in 1936. Why compare it to these two tap dancing actors? If you wat