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Bye, Felicia

It's new year's eve and I'm pretty grateful for 2020, wierd, I know...but I'll let you know why here in a minute. So, I found a half written blog post about how I discovered that I like to write....interesting. It is true, as long I as I get to write about things I care about and experiences that will help others. In 2020, I discovered many things: I'm damn good at writing a Google review and I should be getting some free meals in 2021...or else. I love the beach and sand isn't that bad after all. Quit worrying so much, the cosmetics to correct the wrinkles cost too damn much. Embrace the suck. Brene Brown is my hero for 2020, her books have made me a better person with the help of a whole host of other people in my life, some new additions and some who have been around for years. This morning I was reading The New York Times, I feel super adult to say that, and an article about lessons we learned from the pandemic caught my attention. I've included the link